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10 great apps to use in London

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We live in a society surrounded by technology and there is no problem today that an app cannot help us solve. Especially in London, getting out and about the city is much more interesting thanks to so many apps we can use around it.
Take a good note on the 10 best apps to use in London!

 - For the ones in need of directions


The mother of all apps. As they claim, this app is designed to “save Londoners from London”. This app can pretty much take you home and if something goes wrong on the way, recalculate an alternative route. Totally recommended!
Have a look at the website https://citymapper.com/london
Or get the app for iOS and Android.

city mapper


- For the impatient ones

UK Bus Checker

Having to wait at a bus stop while it’s raining and with your shopping bags is not the best of the experiences and so this app is here to help. Instant up-to-date arrival times for buses in London.
Skip the wait here http://www.buschecker.com/app/UK/
Available for iOS and Android.

bus in london


- For the ones who want to travel comfortable


This app will help you to connect with drivers directly and you can get a ride home safely. You can choose the car that matches best your budget, choosing from ‘uberX’ to ‘Lux’. The best of this app is that they will send you a text when your car is on the way and your driver’s details so you can match them to the person who shows up.
Get more information looking at their website https://www.uber.com/
Or download it now for iOS and Android.

mobile in hand on a street


- For the ones who wish to experience the city

Time Out London

We all know how Time Out has been supplying us with countless events around London and discovering the best spots around the city. Just a tap away, you can discover everything that the city of London has to offer you.
Their website www.timeout.com/london will give you all the information you need to get the app for iOS and Android.

times river in london


- For the hungry ones


This app offers you a selection of food and drink places to make reservations with attractive discounts in selected restaurants and bars in London. A mouth-watering experience that you must try!
This is their website http://www.getawriggleon.com/ and you have this app available for iOS and Android.

smartphone with food from above


- For the ones who don’t like surprises


This weather app will give you the most accurate and updated forecast from any part of the world. No more days where you go out without your umbrella because you didn’t know it was raining.
You can get this useful app in London for iOS and Android.


- For the ones in need of money

ATM Hunter

MasterCard has created this app in order to help people to find cash machines all over the city. So when you need money, you don’t have to ask for cashback at the bar or the supermarket and you can actually find a proper cashpoint.
Get your hands in this app for iOS and Android now!

atm cashier


- For the adventurous ones

Hidden London

Do you enjoy walking round the city and finding hidden gems? If so, this is your app! Hidden London tells you all about secret attractions and less crowded places around the city. Next time you have visitors, impress them by taking them to any of the places this app recommends.
Your next great experience is available for iOS.

sreet bar london


- For the coffee addicts

London Coffee Network

The definitive app for coffee lovers. By using this app in independent coffee shops around London, you’ll be earning points that you can use to get rewards later. What are you waiting for? Check their lovely website http://londoncoffeenetwork.com/ and download this app for iOS or Android.

coffee from above


- For the ones who always have something to say


This app will help you when you struggle with words in pretty much every language. They have not only bilingual but also monolingual dictionaries and pronunciation of words. This is a favourite app among students.
Find more in their website http://dictionary.reference.com/apps 
Download for iOS and Android.

dictionary with phonetics

These are just some of my favourite apps that have saved me around the city more than once. I am sure you have ore suggestions so please tell us about your favourites in the comments!