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Top 10 prepositional phrases with “of”

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I am sure English prepositions is one of the topics everyone struggles with at some point.
Short little words, but provide such necessary and specific information to an interlocutor or reader to understand a situation better.
Not only do we have to learn which English preposition to use for directions, place, time or movement, but also remember by heart the list of nouns, adjectives and verbs followed by specific English prepositions.

 Today I’ve chosen my top 10 most commonly used phrases with the preposition “of”.

1. Accuse someone of (doing) something.
She accused me of stealing her chocolate! That’s a disgrace!

baby eats chocolate

2. Consist of something.
English grammar consists of many things including English prepositions which I emm.. don’t like!

3. Afraid of (doing) something.
I’m not afraid of improvisation, if I have 2 days to prepare.

4. Deprive of (having) something.
Friday is something nobody can deprive me of.

5. Ashamed of something.
“We need never be ashamed of our tears” (C. Dickens, Great Expectations).

6. Composed of something.
“Hard luck is composed of laziness, bad judgment, and poor execution”.

7. Take care of (something).
Why don’t you take a break and I’ll take care of everything?

8. Hear of (something)
Not much was heard of Robert Downey J. until he met Susan Levin and played in "Gothika".

Robert Downey Jn

9. Tired of (something).
I am tired of winter. I want to fast-forward to complaining about how hot it is.

10. Sure of (something).
I’ve never been so sure of my decision to change my life.

I hope you had fun and learnt something new about the use of English prepositions.
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